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The Lion, The Elephant and the Giraffe

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Lav, Slon i Žirafa

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Ènyì, Agụ na Mgbara

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Der Löwe, der Elefant und die Giraffe

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we are dubbing language versions

Children are what they consume and children are the leaders of tomorrow.
OUR AIM is to reach EVERY CHILD globally with our message on social competence, climate education, and communal good. We want to contribute in raising a generation for whom these values will be a LIFESTYLE.  So we are dubbing in every language possible.
If you would like to cooperate with us to have your language version, we are VERY open to that. JUST DROP US A MESSAGE HERE

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  1. This is such a wholesome content for infants, toddlers, kids and even teenagers. I loved and enjoyed watching it so much, I love the originality in the naming of the characters, it’s showcase how much thought and care went into crafting a personality for each of these characters. I love the vibrance, colorfulness, smoothness and uniqueness of each character.

    A big kudos to everyone that worked on this project, you’ll are rockstars. World-class rockstars! I’m super duper proud of you all. Looking forward to future episodes.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. This is just amazing. I love the Igbo version though I can’t speak the language. Blame it only parents😭😭 Shared in my network. Wishing you success

  3. I really loved the story, I watched the English version and it was cool. I didn’t want it to finish 👌

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